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I know recently I ragged on the Comcast service in our temporary house for slow internet and the shitty DVR they provide.

So, I feel that I must mention my awesome experience today.

We signed our lease on an apartment. We are going to live there for a year, and thus I need cable and internet. The only option was Comcast Cable or AT&T UVerse service. No choice really.

A week ago, I tried to navigate the maze to order online, even using the damn chat service that wasn’t helpful. I gave it up, and gritted my teeth to go into their local store.

After we signed our lease this morning, I swung by the Comcast store at Westgate mall. It was empty, so I walked up to the counter and started talking to Daniel.

Being somewhat of a geek, I know what I wanted. TV and internet, fast internet, and two cable cards to stuff into my Tivo Series II DVR. I wanted HD channels, and my wife wanted the “sports” package (bleagh). We are going to skip the land line, and survive with our cell phones.

Daniel hooked me right up, no issues. Modem, two cable cards, self install kit. No hard up-sell, no “are you sure you don’t want our leet DVR?”, and no pressure to add a landline.

I got their fastest tier of internet, all the normal channels and the sports premium package all for $104 a month (in AZ, our Cox bill was ~ $170 but it had the landline)

Since the apartment hasn’t had cable in a long time (probably satellite), a technician will be out sometime tomorrow to make sure it is hooked up. No problemo, as our movers will be there all day.

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