Drobo @#$%

My first exposure to Drobo was when I bought a firewire version with 4 drives wayyyyyy back in 2011. Billed as the hassle free external storage, it uses proprietary algorithms (more than just RAID) to ensure that data isn’t lost when a drive goes bad.

Prior to this, I had just used external drives to store stuff (way back in the 1990’s I used tape, but then in the early ought’s it became far cheaper to just buy bigger disks).

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Covid-19 and the shutdown

Back in early March (March 9th for me), employers, and officials began acknowledging that the COVID-19 outbreak was spiraling out of control, and that the prudent course of action was to institute drastic social distancing to slow the spread and to prevent the healthcare system from collapsing.

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Bloody hell, I am old

As a recent …

Ok, an indication of just how old I am, I began this draft a week ago, and completely forgot what point I was going to make.

So get off my lawn, dammit.

The RC Files: Overseas parts order

I have been in RC Cars for a relatively short time, but one thing I hear, from the community, is that there are some places that are good deals to buy cars, parts and accessories from. One such is Banggood, a Chinese market of pretty much any good you might want to buy. Batteries, chargers, geegaws and some surprisingly high quality vehicles are all on offer and pretty reasonably priced.

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COVID Upsides

While we are about to crest 100K official deaths due to Corona Virus in the US (the reality is certainly a LOT higher than that) there are a few positives.

Many sellers are offering incentives to keep business flowing. If some of these are items that you are considering, this might be a good time to jump, if you can afford them that is…

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Update: Who Visits Here?

I started this on a whim in 2009 more as a way to just post some top of mind items, and whatever tickled my fancy.

11 years later and more than 1,000 posts, and I have yet to go viral even once. No matter, this is for me. If anyone else gets any value from it, then so be it.

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A year on the Trek FX6 Sport

With a year, and about 1200 miles of riding under its belt, it is time to do a follow on update from my original review.

WHile the number of miles is pretty modest (dealing with my step father’s trust and estate consumed way too much of my time last year), I did get a solid feel for the bike.

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