Bread – a non-Gluten Free zone

Last week, I mentioned how some baking success sparked a new passion, to bake bread. Delicious, full gluten, and wholesome bread.

I did buy some special equipment to assist and streamline the baking. Today, I used it.

The new gear:

  • Cambro 6 quart containers
  • A Lamé
  • An Emile-Henry Potato cooker
  • Dough Scrapers Continue reading →

New Hobby – Baking Bread

A poorly kept secret is that I worked my way through college (and after as well) as a chef. Well, I started in my mid-teens as a dishwasher, and rose through the ranks, ultimately being the Chef at a local chain of Italian restaurants. In this time I wen from bistro food, to American classic, to Seafood and Mexican, to time spent in a large kitchen at a country club.

All through that time, I rarely baked. Sure, we had a pastry chef, and there were some fun around making gourmet pizzas, but I never really baked bread. Continue reading →

Funnies – Lucas Electrics

While I was encouraged to be on the university prep track in high school, and I did pursue a STEM degree (physics, thankyouverymuch), I grew up around motorcycles, and cars, and to this day I am jealous of my shop class friends in high school who got to play with the heavy metal, and to have fun.

But, even not being part of that crowd, I had heard of the horrors of English motor vehicles. Whether it was the porosity of their engine castings that led to them only stopping leaking dead dinosaurs when they were bone dry, to the woes of trying to keep a vehicle running with the dreaded Lucas Electrics, a known source for bedeviled trouble on British cars. This is a collection of fun sayings that I captured oh so long ago, and now I share… Continue reading →

Review: The Apple iPhone Xs

As my iPhone 6s was nearing its third anniversary, I began to get the bug for a new phone. The battery is still fine on my 6s (reports at 87% capacity, not bad for 3 years old) and the latest version of iOS had improved its snappiness, but, it is still an older phone, and, it was time to jump to the latest and greatest. Continue reading →

Things I don’t ‘get’ – Reality TV

The stubby fingered Cheeto colored, ferret wearin’ shit-gibbon aside, one thing that I just don’t get is Reality TV. My understanding is that the genre, while there are earlier instances, really got a jumpstart during a writer’s strike in Hollywood. The network execs just started producing unscripted “reality” shows, and they took off.

The formula was cemented with Survivor, and now you can hardly watch broadcast TV without having one of these trite shows in your face. Continue reading →

Things I don’t ‘get’ – Daytime TV

Perhaps it’s my age, or my introversion, or … whatever, there are many things that I just don’t understand.

Today, I will riff on television. being later-middle age, having grown up on a steady diet of television, I will admit to watching a reasonable amount of it. However, even with television being part of my life almost forever (to me at least), there are some things that are broadcast that I just don’t understand. Continue reading →


With the arrival of Cerbie, brother and fellow Kauai rescue hound from Copper’s Dream Rescue, I have been blogging, and decided to create an instagram account for sharing pics and updates about him.

I have a love-hate relationship with Instagram. I suspect that I am not their demographic, but there are a lot of dog picture sharing, so I am wading into the pool again.

However, that said, I have to grumble (damn, I am getting to be an old man, grumbling about new fangled whizz-bang things).

  • There is no good way to access it from my computer. It is app and smartphone centric, I get that, but I have most of my images on my computer. I do take snaps with my phone, but that is a small fraction of what I have. I have to move pictures to my phone to post. Lame.
  • There are no good apps I have found for my Mac to post images to IG. There used to be a couple that I bought a couple years ago, but they are no longer working. Seems like IG keeps their API locked down to force use only with the smartphone. Sure, I can log in with my browser, and see the images, but that sucks. Sure on my Mac, I can force the client string in Safari to pretend it is an IOS browser. Still sucks donkey balls.
  • Even simple things like updating or editing my profile on the web from my computer is horribly borked. Seriously, even after disabling blockers and ghostery, I got errors in editing my profile fields. Lame. It is almost as if they don’t want you to use their web service.

Still, I will use it, as I now have a following. Check out Cerberus47 for fun pictures.