Selecting an RC Car

Picture if you will, a desire to enter the world of RC Cars. Perhaps there is a latent desire to drive, or you see someone driving, and it looks cool. Or that you work (or have worked) with an enthusiast, and want to give it a try.

Regardless, we all start at square one. This post will explore a few use cases and some common advice that can be taken or discarded.

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Shitty RTR tires

Just a quick post. My first RC car was/is a Losi 8ight v3 RTR. It was pretty pricy for what it is, a 4wd buggy with 4S compatible electronics (at least compared to others in the class). Now I know that a TLR kit will cost more for a comparable vehicle, but it comes with better components, and missing a lot (like motor, ESC, controller, tires) that you will have to buy (so, getting started is like $1,200)

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The Traxxas Ecosystem

The RC bug has bit me, bad. I currently have two RC cars, a Losi 8ight 1/8th scale buggy, and a Traxxas X-Maxx that I bought used (barely used) with Traxxas batteries and charger(s).

But this post is more about the Traxxas RC ecosystem, with a Product Manager’s eye on their efforts.

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The death of the hobby shop

One of the joys of my childhood was to spend literally hours day dreaming in the local hobby shop. It was a warm, welcoming place, set up to extract money from your wallet, but to provide both advice and and counseling.

But, that business model was already under pressure from online retailers even before the internet slaughtered the advice and counseling aspect of the vaunted Local Hobby Shop (LHS).

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Review: Bladerunner 2049

I remember watching the original Bladerunner in one of the Century theaters in the 1980’s. A masterpiece of visual delight, it riffed off of the current hyper-popular branding and visual stimulation to weave a fantastic tale that succeeded, even with its overbearing narrative (the editors seemed to think us yanks needed to be hit over the head with the main plot lines.)

So, when I heard that they were making a sequel, I was delighted.

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Traxxas life – Batteries

As I mentioned before, I picked up a Traxxas X-maxx that was lightly used. Part of the package was their “Completer Kit”, in this case two monstrous 6700 mAh batteries, and since the dual ID link charger struggles to put out enough power to charge two of these monsters, the prior owner bought two of the beefier spec single chargers.

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The X-maxx Files – Day 1

As it arrived yesterday (super fast shipping for those who care, I Paypal’d the money on Thursday, and the truck arrived on Monday) I felt the need to get the rubber side down and test it out.

First, the body is perfect. No noticeable blemishes. A stock X-maxx with any real ‘bashing’ on the clock will have some scrapes, gouges, and possibly cracks in the lexan shell. It is clean.

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