Slash 4×4 – a Quest

I am having so much fun with my 2wd Traxxas Slash “project” car, that I now want a 4WD version to complement it. Not wanting to pay retail, and knowing that I will customize it, I was thinking of buying what is known as a “roller” or rolling chassis.

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Why RC cars?

In case you want to know why I have become somewhat of a fanatic of driving model RC cars, it is because I can’t afford to drive a Stadium Super Truck.

Boo YAH, this is some fun stuff…

Rear wheel drive, spec built, jumps, and a lot of 3 and 2 wheel action.

First Drive(s): Slash 2WD

In the last post, I mentioned that I was going to put my money where my mouth is. I recommend for new RC drivers to strongly consider the Traxxas Slash, in the two wheel drive variant. A base 2WD Slash, brushed, retails for a nickel under $180. Of course you need to add a battery to that, or you can spend the additional $50 and get the version with an included charger and NiMH battery pack.

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Classic Movie – The In-Laws

As a Comcast subscriber, I just got an email that we have access to Peacock streaming service. Something about some sports no longer on their broadcast packages, but we can get some of those back on Peacock.

But Peacock has a lot of cool content, including some classic TV shows. And one of them is Columbo… I had binged it about 5 years ago, but I still have a fond memory of Peter Falk, and his quirks… And that fired up my memories of a comedy staring him and Alan Arkin. The In-Laws.

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Bread School: Sourdough

While I began my baking prior to the start of the Pandemic, the pandemic has brought a lot of new bakers into the fold, all hoping to learn to make better bread, relieve stress, and have the wonderful aroma of fresh baking in their homes.

Many will have started with some variant of a “No Knead Artisan Bread” which is particularly easy, and if you have a good large-ish Dutch Oven, can make some amazing bread.

But you quickly go beyond that and want something … more.

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A project – 2WD Slash

I got a surprise spot bonus from work, a $250 that I can spend anyway that I want. I have been advocating that a good entry point for remote control cars for novices is the Traxxas Slash. So I am putting my money where my mouth is, and pulled the trigger on a two wheel drive Slash, with a brushed motor. This will become a project.

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Facebook – A trial ends

About 8 months ago, I re-registered for Facebook. In the aftermath of the Cambridge Analytica fiasco, and the follow on hits of their handing excessive autonomy to phone and hardware manufacturers to sift through their treasure-trove of user data, I shut down and deleted my account(s).

For almost 2 years I remained blissfully off the platform, but picking up the hobby of RC Cars drew me back. Why?

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RC – Essentials

Say you got an RC car for Christmas. Cool. Hopefully it was accompanied by appropriate batteries, and you are ready to run.

Soon, you will figure out that you need additional accessories. This post is intended to help you plan your descent into the hobby, and to hopefully short circuit some of the frustrations.

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It’s a Wonderful Life

I know that a lot of people watch Christmas movies during this season. I have my favorites, including “A Christmas Story”, “Life of Brian”, and “Die Hard”.

This year, we watched “It’s a Wonderful Life” the classic with James Stewart. I last watched it as a child, probably 45+ years ago, so I really had no fond reminiscences of of this movie.

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