Whatta Week…

It started out bleak. A sharp pain behind my left ear, had grown and covered the entire left side of my head, I had a high, and rising temperature, and I was SICK. A quick telemedicine visit and I was scheduled for a Covid test.

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Ruh Roh

Sunday, I totally over did it. Started with a 4+ mile walk with Cerberus. He was on a tear. Then I felt compelled to get the bicycle down and do a modest ride.

I had awoken with some pain below and behind my left ear, but it was more of a discomfort than anything worrying. I truly though I had just slept wrong.

Then middle of the night Sunday/Monday I woke up to void my bladder, and I had the shivers. Crap. About 3:00AM I took my temperature, and it was 99.4.


Woke up about 6:00 and my temperature had risen to 100.8, and I was feeling achy all over. The pain behind and below my ear had moved both up and down.


So, a quick telehealth appointment, and a referral for a COVID test, and now I wait.

Never before have I hoped that this is either an early season flu, or something else. But I have my doubts.

Sleeping, lots of gatorade, and tylenol to help cut the fever while I await the results of my test.


One thing is positive, I have no respiratory symptoms. So there is that!

Plex Maintenance – Futurama

A couple of weeks ago, I got a hankering to watch some Futurama. Fortunately, I have copied all my discs to my Plex server for ease of access.

But there was a flaw. The in season order from the original broadcast is not how Plex see them, In particular, they screw up seasons 2, 3, 4, and 5 particularly badly, and I needed to do a lot of file manipulation to get them all to show up properly.

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The Drobo is back online

It took almost 6 weeks from the first support ticket, but yesterday afternoon (July 28, 2020) the RMA unit arrived from Drobo. Ironically, it shipped from their office in Sunnyvale 4 days before via FedEx, and the total distance from their facility to my house is about 16 miles.

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Building Scale Model Kits

My last efforts were more than 40 years ago. A magical time where there were at least three outstanding hobby stores within an easy bicycle ride from my house (and my favorite, D&J Hobbies in Campbell California).

Today, the reality is that you are lucky to have a single mediocre hobby store (I do not count Hobby Lobby, because fuck them) within an hour or more drive away.

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Modeling – an eye opener

As I prepare to build my first kit in probably 40+ years, I have made some startling discoveries.

First – I learned that I used to build them wrong. Watching a time elapse build on YouTube, I just learnt that you need to wash the plastic parts with soap and water and let them dry before you begin.

And, you should do some of the painting while the parts are still on the sprue.

Mind blown.

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