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I give up


As a test to decide if I could move from Substack back to Ghost for my professional site, I tried to do a prototype. It didn't go well.

The problem with a long running blog


I 2023, I added The Sopranos to my media collection. It remains one of the best series ever created for television, it doesn't romanticize the mob, and if you are a people manager, you will resonate with his struggles. Great stuff all around.

Linus & lucy on banjo


The thing you didn’t know you need to watch. The Foggy Mountain Spaceship has this epic rendition of the childhood favorite, Linus and Lucy.

Just awesome-sauce

Entering 2024


T'was a challenging New Year's Eve, had my first ban on substack, , and reading recommendations. The author also expresses interest in writing about several topics, including AI, music, aging, gaming, and the impact of Zero Interest Rate Policies on major industries. The reader is invited to subscribe for updates.

Thoughts about wordpress


Since my first contact in 2009, WordPress has evolved significantly. Despite security concerns and a transition to block-based editors, it remains a strong CMS with a thriving creator ecosystem. The introduction of paid add-ons and the Jetpack suite has enhanced functionality, but may be costly for hobbyists. Nonetheless, WordPress offers scalable, secure solutions for varied needs.

The 2023 techmas update


Looking back on 2023. The year started with a flurry of activity here before I chased another venue. The holiday shutdown and my free time has translated into a significant look at what I have built here, and I like it. Here's to 2024!

Movie Review: Knives Out


"Knives Out" is a captivating mystery set in the Northeast, revolving around the patriarch's birthday and subsequent unexpected events. Featuring a stellar cast including Ana de Armas and Daniel Craig, director Rian Johnson's brilliance shines through. With an intricate plot and brilliant performances, this highly recommended movie promises an enjoyable and delightful experience.

2023 in review


The start of 2023 was busy on Tralfaz, with 28 posts on guitar playing, gaming, and more. The decision to move professional blogs to Substack was a trial run. A new gaming PC was built and several recommendations on movies and shows were made. However, social media habits were kicked, and plans for the coming year include writing more and exploring alternatives to Substack.

How Things Improve


The writer found a boxed set of the first season of The Avengers and the complete second season, which they purchased despite it being a Region 2 DVD. After researching how to bypass the region restrictions, they found a Pioneer UHD drive that was compatible out of the box and successfully ripped the discs for their Plex server, enjoying a great Saturday afternoon.


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