My ride

Having spent most of my life riding motorcycles, it was a sad day when I realized that my reflexes had deteriorated enough that I felt unsafe riding. My wife wasn’t very sad about that, never being happy that I rode.

When I sold the bikes, I wanted something “fun” to drive. I initially looked hard at the Mini. It seemed to fit the bill, at least in the ‘S’ trim, plenty of pep and fun. As at the time, gasoline prices were spiking so I also considered the Toyota Prius, as the 2nd generation was released, and it seemed to be a solid choice, if less than exciting.

Then a friend recommended the Honda S2000.

The S2000 was in a class by itself. 2.2l inline 4, natural aspirated, 240 hp, rear wheel drive, a true sports car. I found a low mileage used (3 years old, ~ 9k miles), for a good price.

The original tires were shagged, and I have been through 2+ sets since. It is not a particularly fuel efficient car, but I get pretty consistently 22-24mpg (close to 30 on longer trips). However, it is a blast to drive.