Bicycle Maintenance


Tuesday, I took a break from walking/hiking and got the Mountain Bike down. A modest 10.1 mile loop, including an 800 ft climb to get into the park, and my butt was kicked. There is a big difference in the muscles you use to hike the same trail you ride up, and dayum, it was a brutal day. Of course, since this is the first time I had the Specialized Crave Expert out in a while, I noticed that I...

Insane bicyclist


This morning, I saw quite possibly the most ballsy, insane bicyclist I have seen in a LONG time. And that is saying something. As I exited off of 280 at Lawrence Expressway, this dude on his bike pulled off of Lawrence behind me. The light changed, and he kept taking the whole lane, turning left on to Stevens Creek. See the picture below: Looks innocuous enough, but after passing under Lawrence...

Bad Day of Cycling


Statistically, the more you ride, the more likely it is that something bad will happen. Bicycling is no different. Every time I set out on the road, I realize that things can go horribly wrong. Today, that was put to the test. I started off on my usual 33+ mile loop, with a twist. The prevalent winds are southerly, meaning that the first half of the ride is usually with a moderate but steady tail...

A tough ride


After yesterday morning where I spend a few hours doing bicycle maintenance, I got a good mountain bike ride in. Alas, I forgot to turn on Strava, so I get no credit. Today, I headed out for a ride. I left around 9:00AM. A little late for me, and I considered a mountain bike ride. Alas, a flat rear tire guided me to the roadbike this morning. The ride started well, 65F, almost no wind, headed out...

Bicycling Magazine – what world do they inhabit?


I have posted about the ridiculousness of Bicycling Magazine in the past. I do not purposefully subscribe, but instead I get a copy with my Performance Bicycle membership. Every month, this rubbish appears at my house. This month’s edition has a giant picture of a rear cassette from SRAM that has 11 speeds. Of course, you have to go to page 94 to figure out why the fuck they have this...

Specialized Invades Santa Teresa Park


Today I did a mountain bike ride in my local park. As I was wending my way around the park, I noticed something odd. I passed an amazing amount of cyclocross bikes on the trail. Trust me, if someone is off road, doing some serious dirt riding with drop bars, it is a a cyclocross bike. I mention this, as I see maybe one a year. Tops. Today, I saw at least 6 in about 5 miles of trail riding. About...


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