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I felt a little bad in my last post ragging on Comcast. Apart from their tech whiffing on connecting the cable last Friday, and the snafu’s until their technician was here on Tuesday, it really wasn’t their fault.

Today, I have more awesomeness to report.

We had far too much stuff in our small apartment, so until Thursday, I hadn’t even unpacked our Plasma TV. Naturally, I hadn’t been ready for the Cable TV install.

No big deal.

Of course, I assumed that in our hall closet (that is deep, and our movers piled with boxes) our AV cables were. BZZT, thanks for playing. I did have cables for the XBox 360, so Friday I hooked us up to Netflix streaming (friggin kick ass), but my wife wanted the cable hooked up to watch the Tour de France.

Today, I dug up power cables for our Tivo Series 3, and out Bluray player, but I was missing the HDMI cables. Fortunately, Radioshack hooked a brother up, and my boxes are connected to the TV.


So I call Comcast to pair the cablecards I have (2) with the TiVo box. At first, Support whiffed, and connected me with Tivo. Of course, TiVo has not the ability to pair the cards to the box. But they were able to connect me to the right group at Comcast.


After about 10 minutes and sharing the ID’s of the host and the cable cards, we are done. Of course, I couldn’t see channels yet, but that wasn’t Comcast’s fault. I needed to do another “guided setup” of my TiVO box.

20 minutes later, I am golden.

Another awesome experience with Comcast. My TV is up, my TiVo is set to record the Tour (so there is family bliss), and I can watch Netflix, Amazon Prime, DVD’s, Bluray’s, and live TV.

Life is good

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