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Travel Horror Stories


Product management and product marketing are two fields where you can expect to travel often. Unlike sales, who usually have a territory, we cover the world and are called to travel widely. Every one of these jobs I have been in has advertised 25% of travel. And every one of them has underestimated the percentage of travel required. Pro-tip: If they tell you while interviewing that you will...

Google Authentication Shenanigans


Is it me, or has google been fucking with their gmail authentication today?
I swear it has kicked me off my webmail 4 or 5 times today. Won’t remember which accounts are logged in.
At one time it got me stuck in an authentication loop. Over and over, prompting for my password.
Grrrrr. This has happened before. Hope this gets fixed soon.

eBook Fun – Fixing fouled up books


As I have mentioned many times, I have been a long time satisfied user of my reader and ebooks. Certainly better than hauling around a lot of dead trees when I travel. All good. I have been building a collection for more than 5 years now, from a variety of sources, many commercial, but also many of the free sources (Project Gutenberg) as well as some other sources for out of print books that are...

More hand suckage – Cortisone shot


Ugh. My 6 weeks with a brace on my thumb didn’t help. I guess I am not surprised, at best it was going to help ease the bone on bone rubbing. Today, I went back to the hand specialist. He wasn’t surprised that it wasn’t improving. The degeneration of cartilage is not really reversible. Just controllable. Today I got a cortisone shot. The needle was much smaller than the one when...

My online history


My blogging/online history I started blogging late, in 2009. I was stuck in a bad job, that had gotten much worse due to some serious political wrangling by the executive suite. At first I just grabbed a site, and made a couple of posts that were really not meant to be read by anybody. Venting about the stupid crap that I saw every day. Very quickly, I wanted more. I had been...

Big Changes in 2014 for Casa Gander


In 2012, I joined a great company, a cool place to work, and a true leader in Scientific instrumentation. Not quite a dream come true but a good move, particularly at this stage of my career. Things had been going well, then the Friday before the Thanksgiving week, the bombshell fell. All manufacturing of our products will move to Malaysia (where we have been manufacturing since 1974), and thus...

My history with e-Readers


I am a gadget person. I have always loved tech, and have often been on the leading edge of trends and an early adopter. One category that I dove into head first was the e-Reader trend. I first stumbled across them in 2006, when Sony launched the PRS 500. I didn’t jumped then, but I had my eye on them. At the time, I was traveling the better part of 50% of the time. Being a life long reader...

Mission Impossible (the series) Observations


I love Netflix streaming. Now that I finally hooked it up to my XBox 360, and it is a much better integration than the Tivo series 3 box. One of the shows I have been watching is the original Mission Impossible series. I enjoyed it when I was growing up, and I still enjoy it. Although, there are some gaping holes in the plots, and miraculously, even when they are deep in eastern European...

e-Reader – Beginning to Cave


I am an avid reader. I started in high school, voraciously reading science fiction. I can get through 3 or more Sci Fi novels in a week. I used to be a frequent visitor to the used book stores. The advent of eBooks was a godsend. Instead of raiding the used book stores, and carrying 6 or 7 books when I go on business trips, I use a reader. My first reader was a Sony. I got it before the launch of...

Donut Shop Etiquette


Since it is the last work day (and a half day at that) for the year, I stopped to get a couple dozen donuts for the gang. We have a great small chain of donut shops here in Phoenix, that I am happy to patronize. But there are some people that just don’t get it. Ordering is simple. You walk up to the counter, wait your turn, and order. Some friendly peddler of fat pills will be glad to put...

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