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Family Tech Support


A couple of days ago, as I was fading into a jet-lag induced foggy sleep, my wife complained that her laptop (A 13″ MacBook Pro, probably 4 years old) was getting slow on email. I  knew that it had about 1/3 of the disk free (about 90 gigs) so it wasn’t running out of space. The next morning came this conversation: Wife: “Uh, I need DiskWarrior to see if I can make my laptop...

Travel Notes – Going Home Edition


It has been a long two weeks in Europe. A good set of meetings, and less hectic that trips to the continent commonly are (6 countries in 4 days, all by car is standard fare). I got to spend almost a whole week in England, for the most part based in London. The last three days were in a itty bitty hotel room near Paddington Station. Convenient, but cramped (the bed took up the whole width of the...

Travel Notes – Luggage


I am rapidly approaching the need for new baggage. I am pretty hard on my luggage, so it’s not surprising that it wears out. However, all the zippers are failing, and it is looking like it has been dragged through a war zone. I have had Tumi bags, and they wore well, but the hardware failed spectacularly one trip. It literally disintegrated before my eyes. I replaced it with "Travel...

Everytime I see a DSLR with a kit lens, the Baby Jesus cries


Been on the road lately, and spent a couple days taking in the sights in London. Central London, tourist heaven, so much to see, so much to do. As a bit of a photographer, I take notice of what gear I see people shooting with. I can’t help it, I am a geek. And I am absolutely stunned how many people I see with decent DSLR cameras from Canon or Nikon with the standard “kit” lens...

Travel Notes


As someone who travels extensively for work, I have a few habits that are “odd”. I never watch TV in my hotel. I can’t remember the last time I turned on a TV in the hotel room. Probably early 2002 or so. I don’t watch much live TV at home, so it is pretty easy to just leave the telly off. Additionally, since I am not a huge sports fan (except for MotoGP and WSBK), I...

Travel Log – Europe


This is going to be a tough expense report. We are supposed to use our corporate cards for everything. And some places that works well. In the US for example, it is getting rare to find a vendor that doesn’t take plastic. No problemo. However, get outside the US, and it becomes more sketchy. In Europe (where I have been for the last 9 days) most places take cards, but they prefer the cards...

So much to see – London


If you have been following the saga, I have been in Europe for a week so far, and had a weekend to spend in London.  I have been to the UK many times, but usually I just fly in and then grab a {car|train|cab} to some city away from London (usually Cambridge or Oxford). This time I arrived at noon on Saturday, and will be here until Monday afternoon when I grab a train to Oxford. I am staying...

Travel Hell – Can’t Sleep edition


There are a variety of reasons that I have trouble sleeping when I am on the road. Jetlag. Weird schedules Food that doesn’t agree with me But the one that really bugs me is: Neighbors who have hookers come to their room. For fuck’s sake, please, try to keep the screaming, grunting, bed slamming down. I am sure she is that great. I am sure she is worth whatever the FUCK you are paying...

European Travel Log – London


Quick Edit: I forgot how awesome it is to have yummy Ale served at the “proper” British temperature. ‘Muricans just don’t get proper ales. The Austria and Germany portions of this trip went well. Successful demos and sales training. Today I moved to London for a couple days before heading to Yarnton for a seminar on Tuesday. I am staying near Waterloo on Lambeth road at...

Irrefutable evidence of getting older


I have been denying that I have been getting older for some time. I have been able to wave off a lot of symptoms. Heart attack, plantar fasciitis, difficulty losing weight, osteoarthritis in my thumb. No problem. There is a fair amount of grey in my hair, but the red hair is good at hiding it. But now I can no longer deny that I am getting old. Today I found some grey eyebrows. Evidence staring...

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