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I am rapidly approaching the need for new baggage. I am pretty hard on my luggage, so it’s not surprising that it wears out. However, all the zippers are failing, and it is looking like it has been dragged through a war zone.

I have had Tumi bags, and they wore well, but the hardware failed spectacularly one trip. It literally disintegrated before my eyes.

I replaced it with "Travel Pro". Endorsed by flight attendants and airline employees, it seemed like a safe bet. Snort. Of course their bags last a long time because they NEVER have to check their bags. Both my carry on sized roller, and my big roller looked like hell almost immediately. The first trip with my big bag, the big zipper pulls were lost. And it has gone downhill from there. My current trip is probably the last with this bag.

Not sure where to go next. But, I am certain whatever brand of luggage I buy, it will have a finite lifespan before the rigors of travel shred it mercilessly. I am tempted to go hard shell, but much of that looks and feels cheap as well.

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  • Sorry about your beautiful TUMI. I wrote a post once about luggage, which you might find helpful:

    “There is one exception to the “never check in your suitcase” rule. If you find your carry-on trolley to be a bit lack luster and in need of replacement, you are allowed to check it in for replacement. It works like this: You check in your trolley on a flight with an airline you truly detest. At your destination, collect the trolley from the baggage belt. Do not remove the tags the airline has decorated the trolley with, they will be used as proof. Proceed to the Lost and Found counter of your airline and point out the damages done to your trolley. Being the entirely stupid entities they are, airlines have no way of distinguishing between normal wear and tear and handling damages. Dysfunctional wheels work well, and so do slits and holes in the fabric of your trolley. You will fill out a claim sheet with the assistant, and two to three weeks later you will have a brand new carry-on sized trolley. For free!
    Please remember to never check it in, the airline will loose it immediately.”

    Might not work on all airlines, but it is worth giving it a try.

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