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I got an email in my inbox today that seemed to imply that I ‘missed’ a big announcement last week.

Well, I certainly didn’t remember any big announcement, but if I had I probably would have ignored it.

You have to wonder if their marketing team has a pulse
You have to wonder if their marketing team has a pulse

This startup has called themselves “Alpha Software”. Really?  ‘Alpha’? Now I love playing with new and edgy things on my ‘puter, and have installed a lot of buggy, pre-release candidate, alpha quality software, but to name your company ‘Alpha Software’, that really takes the cake.

For those who didn’t grow up steeped in computers and software, the software development process has a few milestones. The “Proof of Concept” that demonstrates the capability. The “Alpha” phase which is early, not ready for prime time, and certainly likely to crash in spectacular ways. The “Beta” phase is when you are comfortable releasing it into the wild to get some early feedback. And finally “Released” which means that you are comfortable standing behind the product, selling it, and providing at least a modicum of support.

Only the brave or the foolish will install “Alpha” level code. Funny name for a company though. I think I will pass.

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