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Long term, low level injury


One of the joys of getting older is that I no longer bounce back from even minor injuries. Case in point: About a month or a month and a half ago, I jammed my left thumb. I don’t remember what I did, just that it hurt like hell and was tender for a few days. Usually, these things pass, and in a week or so, you forget that you ever did it. However this time, it didn’t quite go that way...

IT upgrade or is it really a downgrade…


Last friday night we had one of those upgrade events. Supposedly to improve our broadband connection, and improve the experience of using both the internet and the internal network. I have to say it is a resounding failure. Sending 750 MB of data to a server in Colorado Springs (intranetwork), has taken 45 minutes, and is still only 75% complete. It used to be faster. Guess I will have to submit...

Some weird shit – Microsoft Office to HTML


So, I run a website for a great group of people. It is a non-profit that rescues greyhounds. Sometimes, they need to post something, so I get a file in Microsoft Word, and I need to get it HTML formatted. Their website is based around Joomla, and I use the JCE rich text editor. In general, it works pretty good, but sometimes it is thrown for a loop by what Microsoft outputs as HTML. An example:...

Music: iRadio FTW(?)


In the past I have pitted Spotify against Google All Access, and while the Google offering was slightly cheaper, it had enough warts to drop it into second place. At that time, I mentioned that I looked forward to Apple’s offering, and would revisit when it was officially launched. iTunes has long supported internet radio stations, but they were all third party, and of quite varied quality...

Some Evernote Love


I have been a premium subscriber of Evernote for a few years. At first, I paid to get the larger amount of storage, and to toss them a bone. It is the premier cross platform notebook. I have written in the past that Microsoft’s OneNote is a better app, but being Windows only means that I am not going to adopt it. At first, the disparity in features between OneNote and Evernote were pretty...

Why so much Apple Hate? iOS7 edition


Being a “geek” I frequent a lot of geek-y websites. One topic that comes up over and over is a raw hatred for all things Apple. Macs, phones, ipods, ipads, you name it, and you would think that Apple, instead of being one of the most loved companies on the planet, is staffed by the Antichrist. The thing that really bugs me, is that much of this hate, and virulence is completely...

Idiot Bicyclists


The weather is (finally) cooling down, and that brings more people on the roads and trails. A while back I posted on the lunacy of cyclists here (not knowing hand signals, riding against traffic, riding on the sidewalk etc), but today I saw some new ass-hattery on the canals in Gilbert/Mesa. First, I was passing a slower cyclist. Wide open path, plenty wide, and he was well to the right. So I...

The crazies are back – bad drivers


My commute is a nice sedate 7.5 miles up a major street.  No freeways, no HOV lanes. A couple of schools so you get the dropoff madness, but in general it is a smooth trip. Heck, if you time it right, you can miss almost all the red lights on the way in. Lately, the traffic load has gone up. Significantly. Not sure whether it is the seasonal uptick (the snow birds slowly making their trek back to...

Some good things about being “smart”


Today, I got to flex some intellectual muscles.  We had our monthly engineering meeting, where we bring our founder in (from the local university) and we discuss technical projects.  I am a mere marketing flunky. Before the meeting started, we were discussing swimming pools, and how here in Phoenix, with our uber hard water, and high evaporation rate, that your pool accumulates a lot of...

A passion rekindled: Cycling


Off and on throughout my life I have been more or less a serious cyclist. From my first used Schwinn Stingray (I wish I still had that bike) to my current road bike, I have at times been engrossed with the sport, pushing myself to the extreme, and at times I have backed off, not riding much at all. I am now going through a phase where I am increasing my cycling, and I am enjoying it. I am...

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