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Almost back to normal – a week after re-imaging my laptop


Last week, I had to get my laptop re-imaged. I had fouled up either my hive, or the install of Windows, so it had become incredibly unstable. Probably my fault. (ok, almost certainly my fault). It has taken a week to get back to functional. All the key software is installed. The settings are back to where I like them (for power options etc), and I got all the essential drivers sorted (you really...

What I miss about Tucson


After being in Chandler for a year, I do have some things that I miss from Tucson. The weather – The predictable, and at times wild summer Monsoons. The smells of the desert after a storm is intoxicating. The critters – The den of gila monsters near our house, the snakes (gopher and diamond back rattlesnakes). The Colorful banded lizards, the cotton tail rabbits, the javelinas, the...

Switching back to my iPad


About 8 months ago, on a whim I bought a Nexus 7. Really to be used for testing websites I work on for how they look on that size screen, a few months ago I decided to give Android a fair shake. Caveat: I have been an Apple person since 2002 or so, and have been with iOS since the original iPhone, so I am clearly a biased opinion. The fair shake involved me using the Nexus 7 for all my media...

Injuries – Foot edition


I have battled the scourge that is Plantar Fasciitis for a few year now. First cropping up in early 2010, it is a painful condition that really needs lots of rest and strengthening exercises. Returning to physical activity too soon is a sure way to make it far worse, and last longer. What I have now is not it recurring though. This appears to be a sprain in the tendon on the top of the foot...

Daniel Craig – Best Bond Ever


I have long been a James Bond fan. Started in the Roger Moore era, then the Pierce Brosnan era, and the single Timothy Dalton episode.  Then I detoured though the Sean Connery set of masterpieces. Loved them all. But the new ones, with Daniel Craig as Bond are the best. Yes, the effects are amazing, but they always were the best that their time had to offer. The stories are better. They are more...

Fitness in the Desert-Hydration


I grew up in the SF bay area, a place with very mild climate. Yes, we got a couple of triple digit days a year, but in general the humidity was mild, it never got too hot or too cold, and I never really worried about hydration. When I got to Arizona, it became a significant concern. I wasn’t going to let the climate curtail my activities, but suddenly, hydration became a huge deal. Even in...

The itch. It will pass


Out on the bicycle today, putting in my usual punishing 26 mile loop, I got to thinking how much I miss off road cycling. Alas, with my health concerns, I can’t get back on a motocross bike and roost like I used to, but I can get back on a mountain bike. I have had mountain bikes in the past, first a Diamondback Ascent EX (which came with the shittiest wheels EVER, replaced them with...

One year in Chandler – Time flies


On this date, one year ago, we were busting our humps with the movers to get our stuff moved into our house. There were boxes everywhere (most where they belonged), and furniture that was almost in the right room. That day was a blur, but it felt good to arrive in Chandler and get down to settling in. I remember the AC was flakey in the south side of the house (the living area), and the sod that...

Refresher: Set theory and logic


Yesterday, while I was waiting for my computer to be reimaged due to some serious funk happening with my outlook mail, I had a couple hours to burn. After I killed a longer than normal walk at lunch, I sat down in the lobby with a good book. Background: my products are reliant on a lot of technology, but one aspect is critical in how they work and are used. This being a PID Servo Control system...

What a wasted day


The joy that is Windows. Every so often you need to blow it all away and start from scratch. Today was that day. Outlook had been a piece of garbage for quite some time. Lots of bandaids, duct tape and baling wire was keeping me up and running. But today it finally gave up the ghost. So, back up all my files, and off to IT to reimage, and get me back to a stable state. Alas, a lot of software...

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