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As last week was my better half’s birthday, and next week is our anniversary, I thought I would share what I have learned over the years in gift giving for the feminine half of the human race. I am sure this is out there somewhere, but I figure that it can’t hurt to repeat it ad nauseum.

First, buy big durable goods. Cars work if you can afford it (and in fact Lexus does some brilliant messaging around this) but I am not quite that rich.

Second, buy tech goodies.  iPads, smartphone, computer, or if your other half is a video geek, AV gear works well.

Next up (and many might move this to the top) jewelry.  I am fortunate that my spouse isn’t a fan of expensive flashy jewelry, so I get to rate this down the list.

Many other good ideas, spa days, fancy meals out, weekends at resorts etc are all great ideas (and some of them you might enjoy too.)

What you should never ever under any circumstances buy your woman any clothes. There are several reasons for this, and tripping on any of them is cause for time spent in the doghouse.

  1. If you buy a size too big – Hoo boy, this is good for some fireworks. You become an instant insensitive slob who thinks your woman it too fat.
  2. If you buy a size too small – Almost worse than going too big. Now you are expecting them to be something that they aren’t, and crying jags, followed by whole pints of hagen daz ice cream being consumed.
  3. If you actually buy the right size, you might think that you are golden, but a fact I have learned in life is that a woman does not want you to know that she is a size 12.  That is supposed to be a state secret, and not divulged.

If you must, note where their clothes come from (the label) and buy a generous gift certificate for that store. Or, better yet, go along and let them shop while you watch them model the clothes. (naturally, you bring the credit card)

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  • Hilarious post and so true. I never buy clothing because it is just a kiss of death in relationships. It is better to go with something safe like jewelry. Keep up the awesome writing 🙂

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