Hated Things: Whole Foods Market


As we were running out of the probiotic that we use for our greyhound (Jarodophilus brand) I needed to procure some more. When we lived in Arizona, there were several purveyors that I could go to that had it on the shelf. Not so since we moved to California. The only market that seems to have it consistently is Whole Foods. Groan. I cringe every time I have to venture a foot into that place...

A Black Hole on Earth


Science tells us that one of the most destructive things is a black hole. Once you pass the event horizon, you can never escape. If you are a fan of Science Fiction, and have read Frederik Pohl’s “Gateway” novel, you are well aware of the hazards of proximity to a black hole. A close second is the parking lot at Almaden Plaza in San José. In this parking lot there are two...

A Lazy Sunday in Tokyo (Shibuya)


Since Saturday night was really late (for this old dog) Sunday started late. Spent the morning lounging, getting some work done, and diving into a really good H Beam Piper novel. About 1:30, my partner in crime and I headed out. His goals were: Chiyoda Park – where this group of Japanese “Greasers” (as in the movie Grease) dance and perform. See Hachiko – a statue tribute...

Shopping observations: Coupons


A few weeks ago, it was a madhouse at the local Fry’s supermarket. Packed to the gills, and tons of rude people. Alas, I stumbled across a woman doing extreme couponing. She had an expanding file folder that was literally stuffed with coupons, and a shopping cart full os odd items. This caused me to recall why I am not really a fan of coupons. It is an American dream to get a good deal...

Grocery Store Observations


This afternoon I did a little shopping for the holiday feast tomorrow, and I got to observe some prime high quality behavior. First, how hard is it to put your damn shopping cart in one of the little corrals that they provide?  Seriously, there are at least three per row of cars, but alas, it is too damn far for most people to put them where they are out of the way of other shoppers.  There must...

Gift shopping tips for men


As last week was my better half’s birthday, and next week is our anniversary, I thought I would share what I have learned over the years in gift giving for the feminine half of the human race. I am sure this is out there somewhere, but I figure that it can’t hurt to repeat it ad nauseum. First, buy big durable goods. Cars work if you can afford it (and in fact Lexus does some...


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