Lost hour of productivity


Gotta whine.

About once a month, I get an error in Outlook.  Something to the point of “OUt of resources” yada yada.  And it advises to “close some programs to free up memory…”

Has that EVER worked?  Sigh.  I have 16 gigs, and am running 64-bit Windows 7 so there is literally a metric ton of memory free.

Anyhow, from prior experience the only way to recover is to restart.  Sucks, but that is the only way. So I save all the work I have been doing and go to restart.  First warning that something is not copacetic: I get warnings that I have a modified normal.dot file in Word.  And I can’t ignore/cancel past it.  WTF.  Finally name it something bizarre and it reboots.

Then I get a warning that PGP full disk encryption isn’t working right.  That has happened before, and it always is a fluke.

Then outlook fails to start.  Says it can’t find the server, or my outlook.ost file.  Sigh.  I know what this means, I need to run scanpst.

three iterations of that later, and one more reboot, and I am finally back working.  Lost time 1 hour. Lost time if I had called support? 3 hours (BTDT).


Coda: I suspect these issues are caused by our policies and group settings in the domain. I have never experienced anything like this on any other Win 7 system, and I have been running it since 2009.

Sigh. One of those days. Back to my wireframes and product requirements.

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