Hated Things: Whole Foods Market

As we were running out of the probiotic that we use for our greyhound (Jarodophilus brand) I needed to procure some more. When we lived in Arizona, there were several purveyors that I could go to that had it on the shelf.

Not so since we moved to California. The only market that seems to have it consistently is Whole Foods.

Groan. I cringe every time I have to venture a foot into that place. Perhaps it is the pretentiousness, the “we are better” atmosphere? Or perhaps it is the emphasis on organic produce and how much better it is (except it isn’t, and in fact the “approved” pesticides that they use are pretty awful. Or it is the row after row of homeopathy and naturopathy woo that they peddle to the new age fools that shop there.

Speaking of the fools (or is it tools) that shop there, they have a level of smugness, and barely contained superiority that their farts smell like framboises, that they don’t even need to acknowledge your existence.

Even the parking lot, crammed with luxury SUV’s and broken down Subaru’s that juxtapose the hippy with the upscale urban soccer-mom demographic.

Regardless, it is an ordeal to get into the local Whole Foods.

However, my trip there yesterday was unique. I was there pretty early, about 10:00 AM, I asked one of their workers (a bright spot, their employees are all most helpful) where their probiotics. He asked if I needed the ones refrigerated, or non (how pretentious is it that you have two places to shelve your probiotics!?!?!?!?) and walked me over.

I grabbed the bottle, about 1/2 year for $41. The cheapest medicine we get for Garrett by far), and head to checkout. There is one lane open, and I get behind this hipster douché and wait my turn. He has a cart full of produce and premade meals. Then as he is almost done checking out, he realizes that he forgot something and abandons his cart for almost 5 minutes.

This twat walked away, and a seeming eternity later returned to finish his purchase. His omission was about 2#’s of the ugliest looking organic tomatoes I have ever seen, and 2 yellow onions.

God, how I hate that store.

Of course, after that, knowing that Barbara wanted some Trader Joe’s raw almonds to munch on, I did battle there as well.

11:00AM and I really needed a strong drink.