Sick Again – A December tradition

Last Sunday, I cold feel the start of a cold or flu in its infancy. Felt out of sorts, and funky. Got some meds and Monday, I felt good enough to go to work, assuming that I had dodged the bullet.


Tuesday, I had a trip to Boston for a tradeshow, and apart from the usual dehydration of airplane travel, it was normal., almost uneventful. But at dinner, I knew something was coming.

Not to be disappointed, about 1:00AM I was awakened with that distinctive, back of the throat pain indicative of a cold. Would it go up into the head, or down into the chest? Curious minds need to know, man. Needless to say, the 6 hours I spent on the floor on Wednesday weren’t pleasant. Since I didn’t leave home with good cold medicine, I got raped for $16 for Tylenol severe cold tablets in the hotel shop. Ouch.

Thursday, I flew home, how I forgot the joy of the pressurization/depressurization with severe congestion. Ugh, it was a struggle to clear the ears. I feel bad for the passengers near me, but at least I wasn’t hacking up a lot of phlegm.

For the record it went both ways, heavy chest congestion, AND a lot of mucus production in the nasal cavities. The daily double, so to speak.

Friday, I am taking the day off of work (doing a little email for work only), and reading a lot. Fortunately, I have my snuggle buddies Garrett and Tate to help me feel better.

One observation: Cold medications really jack your blood pressure up. Yikes!