Punishment – Going caffeine free


Every couple of years I give up the evil bean. I usually get to a point where my tolerance is huge, and I find my self caffeinating throughout the day. Then my sleeping get disrupted, and I get cranky and irritable (ok, crankier and more irritable than usual).

Then I go off caffeine for a few months, and all is better. But the transition is hell. Headaches, missing the taste of coffee (my preferred dosing mechanism), and sleeping more than usual. Some people think I am crazy for knocking it out, but it really does help, even if it is for a limited time (I think the longest I lasted before was 9 months.)

Today is day 4, and the worst of the withdrawal symptoms are abating. Headaches are almost gone. The desire to rush out to the coffee maker is much lower. I am already sleeping better (or perhaps that is just my wishful thinking).

One thing is for certain, the blood pressure medication I take has greatly reduced the headaches. They were/are much less severe than in the past. One thing to be thankful for.

I know that it is just a matter of time. Perhaps I will have a 6:00AM flight, or need a lift before a customer presentation. I will be back on the bean, but for now, I will learn to live without it.

(* Of course I will not go completely caffeine free. That would mean giving up chocolate. Not gonna do that man.)

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