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I had a cleaning and “new patient” visit a couple weeks ago.  My first visit since I moved to Chandler from Tucson.  All was good, but they did tell me that my amalgam fillings were beginning to age, and probably should be replaced. I was not surprised by this, as I had some major work done after my orthodontic work was removed. Some big cavities were filled, and this was 30-ish years ago (before I graduated high scho0l for sure). Since two upper right molars have crumpled, and been crowned, I am not surprised that it was recommended to replace the amalgam fillings with some new composite fillings.  It also turns out that silver-mercury amalgams are becoming rare, as the modern composite materials are in many ways vastly superior.

Fast forward to today.  I had half the at risk amalgams replaced (the left side). Ugh, I forgot how much I hate dental work. Of course, on the lowers, there was a place where they had to drill deep to remove the amalgam, and it is likely to be cold sensitive for a  while. I got a view of the “holes” and yikeys, it was a lot removed.  I guess I never realized how much repair I had in the way back time. Of course they did a brilliant job of numbing me up, I had 4 shots of Novocaine, and am drooling like an invalid.  I guess my plans to go to dinner with my visiting sales engineer are off.

The good news is that the new fillings are going to last longer and hopefully will not need any more crowns.

In 2 weeks, I do the 4 on the right side of my mouth.  Oh joy.


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