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I am fortunate to live 7.2 miles from the office. A straight shot down a main artery, I can make it into the office in 12 minutes, as long as I time it properly around the kid dropoff at the two major elementary schools on the way. The lights are timed, and if it keep it to 1 – 2 mph below the posted speed limit, I can often stop only once.

Seems pretty ideal, living in a place where 10 months of the year I can drive top down on my S2000, and really enjoy it.

However, being that I live in a state with some of the worst drivers imaginable, Arizona (where your driver’s license doesn’t need to be renewed until you turn 65), I get to see some really dumb crap done around me during the drive in.

First, those who turn left to enter the drop off area at the school. They LOVE to run red lights and block the intersection. I dare say that your kids are safer walking to school (like I did until I could afford a car in High School) than you trying to not wait one more light change.

Next up are the idiots who feel the need to cut across three lanes of traffic, to pas one more car, and only to be 2 cars closer at the next red light.

Then there are those cars that apparently don’t have blinkers. They just move into your lane, without warning. Fortunately, my years of motorcycling has taught me to assume I was invisible, and to always have an escape path in the event of an incursion.

Lastly, those who are too busy texting to drive, or to even go at a red light.  They are easy to spot, and unfortunately, it seems to be an exponential increase in practice.

Still, a 7.2 mile drive into the office is pretty awesome.

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