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Two days ago, we pulled the plug on the hapless guy who was on our project.  Not that he is a bad resource, but the project we handed him was beyod his scope, and it was flailing.

We consulted another group in my company as to who they would recommend (and, most importantly who know our “system” if you catch).  We got turned on to a group in Pennsylvania.  Quick call, I forward on my original design document, and mockups, and the next morning we got a proposal.

The price was very fair, and they were going to put extra people on it to allow us to launch on 11/27. At 10:00AM yesterday (MST) we gave the go ahead.  By 2:00 PM, we had artwork.  It looked awesome.  They captured what I was envisioning (and put in my mockups) perfectly. Today they have another two interfaces prototyped, and after a quick review are busy coding.

I am beginning to think I might be able to start testing this next week.

Of course, they were ecstatic about the fact that I had a document that described the workflow, the use cases, some typical user stories, and detailed mockups.  Apparently that is all stuff they have to tease out and build themselves.  I guess being a product manager has some positive attributes.

Fingers crossed, but so far I am really happy.

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