It is a lie…

When I worked at OpenText, the company would send you a gift for your birthday. A nice touch, and the only place I ever worked that did.

What did they send you? It was a container of “The World’s Finest Chocolate”. Essentially mini-bars, about the size you would hand out at Halloween, in their various flavors.

Want to know a secret? It really wasn’t the world’s finest chocolate. It wasn’t even as good as the waxy Hershey’s crap you get at the store.

But what great branding.

I bring this up because “The World’s Finest Chocolate” seems to team up with high school band and sports ball teams to fundraise for events and shit. My wife felt pity for one kid on the route she walks at lunch time, and bought a few bars. $5 for 5 bars. I am sure that about 80 cents of each dollar go to the fundraiser, because there is no fucking way this bar is worth more than twenty cents.

At least I hope so.

“If you say it, people will believe it …” perhaps.

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