I caved in, Ordered a new iPhone

I have blogged in the past that my well aged iPhone, a Xs that I got in December 2018 still worked well, and that it still was doing what I needed. Heck, the battery health tells me that it has 86% of its life left.

But today, I was talking with some colleagues and I recounted that my last phone migration sucked because I had a painful process of moving my 2FA from my old iPhone 6s, and I really didn’t want to relive that.

However, my boss said something that scared the hell out of me. What happens if my phone dies? A 4+ year old phone could fail at any time, and then I would be locked out of, well most anything that is important to me.


So, I sucked it up, and pulled the trigger on a new purple iPhone 14 pro, and a case. I did opt for less than the max storage, as I don’t think that I ever topped 100Gb’s of consumed storage, so I opted for the 256Gb version. It will be delivered tomorrow.

I have read that the Google Authenticator is now far more convenient to migrate, so hopefully it will not be a cluster fuck like the last migration.

I’ll let you know how it goes.

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