Bernie Sanders

I try to avoid politics on my blog. That isn’t the same as avoiding politics in general, as I have fairly strong opinions and thoughts. However, I can’t keep silent.

Last night as I was in bed working on the Sunday NY Times Crossword (don’t laugh, it helps me nod off), I heard the beep of a text message hit my phone.

It was a Bernie volunteer, a chipper woman named Emily, who was spewing a line of how Sanders was fighting greed and corruption.

I promptly texted back that she should just fuck right off.

I am not a Sanders fan. I never “felt the bern”. I voted against him in the last round of primaries in 2016 (that he LOST decisively), and I will vote against him in 2020.

In my opinion, he is a large part of the reason that we have the orange turd sitting in the oval office right now.

Bernie Sanders is not a democrat, he just campaigns as one because without a nationwide major party at his back, he would be just what his record in congress is, a footnote to obscurity.

Fuck Bernie Sanders.

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