Benefits of leaving Facebook

It has been a week since I began the process of deleting my Facebook account, and I have a couple of observations that I can share:

  1. I do have more time. Yes, when I have a spare moment and grab my phone, I have the muscle memory that tries to load the Facebook app. But, then I go to the NY Times, or Twitter and life goes on
  2. My iPhone 6s battery lasts a lot longer. I knew that Facebook was a battery hog, but seriously, I can get to the end of the day, and still have 40% of my battery remaining. Prior to deleting the app (and messenger, and whatsapp) I was topping up the battery by 1:00PM every day.

I do miss my posse on Facebook, and many/most of them aren’t on Twitter, so I had to say goodbye probably forever, but I haven’t been tempted to cancel the deletion process.

This time, it seems permanent.

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