Yesterday1, a cryptic message came across my phone. The NY Times flashed a headline that last week both Donald Trump and President Obama were briefed on an unsubstantiated, but deemed credible report that Russian officials had a dossier on President-Elect Trump that was potentially damaging.

Reading the article, it was quite clear that it was un verified, and possibly unverifiable, but that it contained information that would be embarrassing to the incoming administration.

Then Buzzfeed (not linked, because they are clickbait) posted an image that highlighted that Trump was party to orgies in Moscow and St. Petersberg with prostitutes, and that waterplay (a.k.a. “Golden Showers“) was involved. Also that Trump purposely did this in the same hotel that the Obamas stayed at during their state visit, and even the same bed.

Wild, speculative, but the one thing I observed was that apart from the hilarious meme’s, Andy Borowitz satire, and the unbelievable gift this was for the writers at Saturday Night Live, not one post in my feed said that this was so over the top that they couldn’t believe it. Sure, claims that the images were fabricated, that it was dreamt up by the trolls at 4-chan, whatever. But no ourtage that it was over the top.

In short, after the mocking of the disabled reporter, after trashing John McCain’s service record, after the penis jokes during the primary debates, after “Pussygate” the reporting of a PRESIDENT ELECT bing the subject of a juicy dossier in the hands of the Kremlin, with potentially mind boggling leverage over Donald, the general population just accepts that this isn’t outside the realm of possibility.

And that makes me really sad. I can’t even say that this will be the straw that broke Democracy’s back, but that it is evidence that we might be in the final season of America, the country.

I don’t want to live on this planet anymore

1 – January 10, 2017

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