It is not a well hidden fact that I have a degree in Physics. But during my studies at San Jose State University, I had a few amazing semesters, really knocked it out of the park. That earned me an invitation to join the honor society, Sigma-Pi-Sigma. At the time, 1988 or so, I thought nothing of it, and forgot about it.

Then around 2009, they “found” me. Apparently, you never are dropped from their roles. Something to add to my resume. But it also lead to an invitation to participate in a program called “Adopt-a-Physicist“, where they Society of Physics Students matches physicists in their roster with up to three classes of high school students who are taking a physics class.

Over a period of two and a half weeks, they ask their physicist questions, and the physicist answers. Many of the participating physicists are in research, at government labs, or in academia, but some of us went a different route, and did less traditional roles.

Regardless, the questions asked by the kids are fun, informational, and extremely unpredictable. I never know where it will go, but it is a great deal of fun, and I enjoy the program immensely. I truly wish I could have had something like this in the early 1980’s when I was in high school.

The most rewarding time of the year, and I jump at the opportunity to volunteer when I get the email. I have a blast, and hopefully, the kids get some fun as well.

Now I just have 12 months until the next round. I can hardly wait!

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