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Entering 2024


T'was a challenging New Year's Eve, had my first ban on substack, , and reading recommendations. The author also expresses interest in writing about several topics, including AI, music, aging, gaming, and the impact of Zero Interest Rate Policies on major industries. The reader is invited to subscribe for updates.

Thoughts about wordpress


Since my first contact in 2009, WordPress has evolved significantly. Despite security concerns and a transition to block-based editors, it remains a strong CMS with a thriving creator ecosystem. The introduction of paid add-ons and the Jetpack suite has enhanced functionality, but may be costly for hobbyists. Nonetheless, WordPress offers scalable, secure solutions for varied needs.

The 2023 techmas update


Looking back on 2023. The year started with a flurry of activity here before I chased another venue. The holiday shutdown and my free time has translated into a significant look at what I have built here, and I like it. Here's to 2024!

2023 in review


The start of 2023 was busy on Tralfaz, with 28 posts on guitar playing, gaming, and more. The decision to move professional blogs to Substack was a trial run. A new gaming PC was built and several recommendations on movies and shows were made. However, social media habits were kicked, and plans for the coming year include writing more and exploring alternatives to Substack.

The New Year


2018 is done, dead as the Dodo. Good riddance. Sayonara, arriverderci.

The Dodo

2019 is finally here. Cue the trumpets, the accolades, the … whatever. Regardless, 2019 will be better than 2018. It has to be.

Things I will do to improve myself:

Saying Goodbye to 2018


Upfront Matter: To quote the illustrious Sterling Archer, “2018 can eat a big bag of dicks.” Seriously, this year has been trying by many measures. As I look back, there are some nuggets of positives, sprinkled among the shit-sandwich that was the year 2018, but by and large, I am going to be glad to see it in the rear view mirror.

The breakup – Ditching Facebook, permanently


This isn’t about me, it is about you. Seriously. I knew that you were abhorrent in your privacy practices. That you encourage people to over share, and that in the guise of creating a community, you have built walled silos and self reinforcing echo chambers. I knew that, and I continued to ritualistically log in, to swipe and share funny memes, to shake my head at obvious fake news (oh, when The...

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