Sleazy Sniping Domain Registrars

I have a few sites, most of them I have paid the extra bucks for the “privacy” options. But there are two that I just forgot this extra.

Bad idea.

Yesterday, I got in the mail two letters for the two domains where I didn’t pay for the privacy option. They were identical. They look awful official. They try to scare me into opening my wallet and get my credit card out.

Of course, I know a little more than the average. I know that this isn’t from my registrar (I register at MediaTemple and mydomin), and if you read it you can see that they are asking you to authorize transferring it to them, and for a mere $45 a year (or $40 if you renew for more than one year).

What fucking burglars. I pay $12, or $15 a year depending on the registrar, and most of my domains have been prepaid for 5 or 7 years.

What assholes. I am sure that they hook a lot of people with this scam. I guess I will look up the BBB and file a complaint.