The City (San Francisco)

This week, I spent a couple of days up in San Francisco. There was a big trade show, SPIE Optics and Photonics West at the Moscone center.

As always, it was YUUUUUUUGE in the colloquialism of The Donald. Three halls, and seemingly a thousand exhibitors. Cameras, Software, Lenses, a LOT of lasers, and everything else that might be related to optics and optical devices.

Since I know a lot of people in this space, it was good to get up there to reconnect, and to catch up. I was there Tuesday and Thursday, and met with a lot of people, getting some leads. Good stuff.

I also got to visit a Product Management leader whom I have interacted with via social media and email, but never face to face. I am talking about the incomparable Rich Mironov, the face of Mironov Consulting, and talked with him about a lot of good topics. He is as awesome in person as he is in the twitterverse.

Since my appointment to meet with Rich was almost 2 hours after the close of the show, I decided to take a stroll to his neighborhood (Google Maps told me it was 1.4 miles). I walked down Market, and caught Hayes street, walking by the Orpheum Theatre, and the UN Plaza, snapping a few pics. A very pleasant walk, and very scenic.

Of course, being that I hate driving in the city, and the cost of parking is obscene, I took Caltrain in both days. On Tuesday, it was easy-peasy. I caught the morning direct train from the Blossom Hill station, and the return. About 2 hours spent reading and listening to music. I could get used to that.

On Thursday though, I wanted to go up a little later, after the far south trains stopped. So I caught light rail, to Tamien, and then to the city. Not bad on the way up, but catching th 7:30 PM train back, it stopped only at the San Jose station, so I had two light rail trips. Add in almost an hour of waiting at light rail stations, and a car full of wanna-be gang members being very annoying, and it was a less than pleasant trip home. I finally got home at 10:30, or three full hours of transit time.

Still, it was a great day, and I made some good contacts, and some likely good leads on gigs.