A tough ride

After yesterday morning where I spend a few hours doing bicycle maintenance, I got a good mountain bike ride in. Alas, I forgot to turn on Strava, so I get no credit. Today, I headed out for a ride.

I left around 9:00AM. A little late for me, and I considered a mountain bike ride. Alas, a flat rear tire guided me to the roadbike this morning.

The ride started well, 65F, almost no wind, headed out to my usual loop, through Morgan Hill and back up Coyote Creek trail.

The lack of wind was welcome, but shortly into the ride, the heat started rising. My two water bottles were going to be a problem. Killed the smaller one at the start of the Coyote Creek trail. Ugh.

A little wind picked up, but not really an issue. The temperature was rising quickly. I paused at the Coyote Ranch to rest, and checked the temperature. Ugh, 90F already at 10:30. This was at mile 24.5.

As I got out on Monterey Highway, I made a judgement call, and instead of the full 33.1 mile loop, I bailed and cut off at Bernal Road, and headed to Santa Teresa and home.

30.1 miles, 2 hours, a lot of fatigue. A brutal ride. Done.