Bravo to my Neighbors at the Hotel

The joys of travel. Hotel rooms, uncomfortable beds, pillows that are too much or too little support, ice machine runs that you hear, and doors slamming in the halls.

However, Hotels are often the site of passionate lovemaking. I am used to hearing the hookers in Asian hotels with their clients. But those are strictly business deals. Bang, and they are done/gone.

Last night though, my neighbors were at it for over 3 hours. Stamina that I wish I ever had. And she was a screamer.

Starting at about 9:00 PM, the familiar rhythmic bed creaking, followed my grunting, and moaning, culminating in a fevered pitch, and screaming.

4 more times until 1:00 AM.

Bravo. Thank you for reminding me why I hate traveling and hotels, even supposedly nice ones.

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