The new near-homeless

A continuation of a series on our (hopefully) temporary apartment living experience. This episode is around the increasing number of people who are living in their vehicles.

Not quite the overt homeless living rough, these are people with enough resources for a camper, or a van large enough to sleep in.

Walking the neighborhood with our dogs, we see cars that are being lived in. A couple of campers/small motorhomes (those built on a van chassis), and at least one full size van and an SUV. They park late afternoon, and have heavy curtains up. They are in a different location every night, but there is a repeating pattern.

They try to be as innocuous as possible. No noise, the curtains keep the interiors blocked from sight.

In the morning they move and are gone, to return later to a different location.

Life on the edge of poverty in Silicon Valley is indeed tough.

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