Apartment Living – Friday Night Sights and Sounds

Friday night is party night, right? (Well, if you are the asshats in the duplex across the street, Sunday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday are party nights, but I digress …) Ah yes, the outdoor activities are up.

Kids are playing Soccer out front of our door. Cool, except they keep kicking it into the wall and our door. Fortunately there are no windows to break within reach.

The teenagers are coalescing around the play ground. Not sure if they are going to neck, smoke dope, or leave used condoms around. Probably all three. (yes, there are often used condoms lying around. Ewww)

As I mentioned in the leader, the duplex directly across the street is beginning their “party”. About 9:00 AM, they will move cars out, and then the driveway becomes an impromptu dance floor. If we are lucky, it will break up around 1:00 AM without any verbal shouting. But, I am not feeling very lucky.

I sit here at my computer, listening to some Return to Forever, something magic about Chick Corea and Al Di Meola… Makes it all better.

Update: Yep, at midnight, there was police activity. Some loud arguing at the side of the street (about a bad parallel parking job?) prompted someone to call the po po.  My friday night was complete.

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