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While we have been here only a month, we have noticed an exodus of tenants. The residents are moving out in droves, hence the overflowing trash with household goods. I had wondered why there were so many people moving out, but hadn’t put much thought into it.

A part of the puzzle fell into place when about a week before rent was due, there was a knock on the door. A letter from the management that stated no longer will tenants be allowed to pay partial rent, and to make up the rest during the month. By itself, this had me scratching my head. Rent was due on the 1st, and we pay on the first, budgeting accordingly.

It never dawned on me that this wasn’t the practice in general.

Last week, my wife saw someone leaving (moving out), and asked why and where they will go? Apparently it isn’t dissatisfaction with the property or the apartment, but the change in the allowance for partial rent submission. Additionally, there have been significant rent increases in the recent past.

There is little doubt that we have many residents who are less fortunate, and struggle to make ends meet. Heck, you see that even in well kept single family home neighborhoods. But you have to live somewhere (unless you want to fall back to urban camping on Guadalupe Creek), and this isn’t too bad of a place to live. Rent for the area is pretty reasonable (and for us, the fact that they welcome our dogs is the winning factor).

Moving on up

The property management group, GK Industries, have been making a concerted effort to upgrade the place. Clean up the common area, replace old crappy lights with new LED’s, improve the landscaping, have after school programs for the kids, and in general make it a safe, clean environment.

I am not sure how long they have run the place, but I can see the efforts of the team, and it is one of the reasons why we chose to move here.

Of course, improved amenities, and operations cost money, and I can understand them wanting to nudge the lower rent paying tenants to bear some of the load. If that causes them to leave, then so be it. There are plenty of people who need to rent that can afford this complex, and will be happy to live here.

The exodus

The net result is that there is a pretty constant stream of U-Haul trucks taking people away. Almost daily, we see another unit moving out, and the cleaning crew is preparing a new unit for renting out.

I feel for the people who are leaving. In a way, I am enjoying the demographics of here (compared to our 1 month temporary home in Sunnyvale, this is way friendlier), and will miss some of the diversity, but as the area changes and evolves, it is inevitable that some will feel unwelcome.

Of course, some residents are not leaving voluntarily, there have been a couple of eviction notices I have seen stapled to doors, for non-payment of rent. I can’t imagine how disruptive that is. I do hope they find a place they can afford.


The resident my wife talked to was moving to an apartment in Campbell. I hope it works out for them.

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