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Cool Music

A couple years ago, I was turned on to Devin Townsend. I can thank the inimitable Mario Parga for the introduction. I fell completely in love with his music, and quickly snarfed up most of his work.

The most interesting was the Devin Townsend Project albums. Each one was distinctive, unique and in a very different style. From mellow, space you out (Ghost) to in your face, kick ass guitars with the awesome vocals of Anneke van Giersbergen of Addicted!

Enchanting music, and quite approachable. So when I saw that a Pledgemusic drive was being done for a new Devin project called “Casualties of Cool” I opened my checkbook and pledged.

While the drive was open, us “Pledgers” were gifted with a couple of tracks, and update videos of the process. Really cool way to keep interest high!

I got the 2 CD set yesterday. Wow. There were some early teasers, so I knew what to expect (a rock/blues/country groove with a ton of subtle tones, great vocals, and a story that flows with the music.

Not for everyone, but do check it out. Probably on Spotify shortly with all the rest of Devin’s tunes, I suspect you will find it worthy.

(Yes, if that name is vaguely familiar it is because Devin was Vocals in the Steve Vai band in the early 1990’s)

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