Some good things about being “smart”

Today, I got to flex some intellectual muscles.  We had our monthly engineering meeting, where we bring our founder in (from the local university) and we discuss technical projects.  I am a mere marketing flunky.

Before the meeting started, we were discussing swimming pools, and how here in Phoenix, with our uber hard water, and high evaporation rate, that your pool accumulates a lot of “metals” as part of the cycle, and needs to be changed.

Someone was talking about the metals build up over time in the pool water. I piped up with that you typically use EDTA to eliminate them from the water(usually part of a “clarifier”). Our director of engineering (a pretty damned smart dude) didn’t know what EDTA was. I got to pipe up with ethylene-diamine-tetra-acetate, and explain that it is a chelating agent used to isolate metals and let them be processed.  (Thank you time spent as an analytical chemistry technician)

Now everybody thinks I am smart.

(Until the next time I open my mouth)

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