Making my job bearable – The Bose headphones

A while back I commented on the disappointment I experienced with my Bose QuietComfort 2’s broke (plastic fatigue) and the AWESOME support that got me a new set of better headphones for << 1/2 price.

I work in a cubicle farm. My cube is about 10′ from my boss, who is also in a cube, and I am up against an engineer’s cube who like to hum. Fortunately the Bose headphones are a godsend. Add in Spotify, and I have kick ass jams to keep my day rolling.

The one thing I like about my new headphones is that the battery (single AAA) lasts about twice as long as in my original QuietComfort 2’s. Not only that, I get about 12 hours when it starts flashing at me that it is getting low, and I can tell when the sound becomes distorted enough to hear, I have to change the battery.

Win – Win – Win.

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