Things you can’t unsee

This is going to be gross.  If you are squeamish, click away now. There is no shame.

Still with me?

I have long been a bicyclist. Early on, I learned the benefit of cycling shorts. The chamois in the crotch that provides protection to your boys when on the saddle. However, I have always ridden with ordinary underwear on under my bike shorts. I assumed that it was just how it is done.

But today, on my ride into work, I saw someone who obviously doesn’t use the traditional cycling shorts with the chamois insert (i.e. ordinary lycra workout shorts), and if that wasn’t bad enough, he was commando. Ewww

Stretched Lycra is pretty transparent, and without the tidy whiteys, I got a far too close view of a full moon.

<shudder> Somethings you can’t unsee, and will haunt you forever.

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