Wow, what a race. Marc Marquez wins Laguna Seca

What an amazing race. Today, the USGP motoGP race in Monterey at Laguna Seca.

Marc Marquez, who became the youngest rider to win his first MotoGP race at Austin earlier this year, and who won the last round in Germany, went out and had a blistering race today at Laguna. Starting from second, he had an OK, start, but quickly got into 2nd place, following Stephen Bradl. Probably the best moment is when he went around Valentino Rossi on the corkscrew, on the outside and running it on the inside on the way down, just like Rossi did to Casey Stoner in 2008.

Marquez had a ballsy pass on turn 11 before the start/finish straight, and never looked back.

Marc Marquez is leading the championship points chase, and he has won three races this year so far (all of the races to date in the US). What will this man do in the future?  I can hardly wait to see him in the next race. Keep an eye out for #93, big things are sure to come!

Phew, glad that the Tivo recorded it, because I am going to have to watch this one again.


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