This is harder than it should be

In in effort to save money, I was investigating options to reduce the cost of my monthly cell phone bill. I had actually considered cancelling it, but thought better of that, since I use it for several 2-factor authentication sites.

So I head over to AT&T’s site, log in, and start the “upgrade” process. I figure I will just get a cheap feature phone, and be done with it.

There are only 4 choices, 3 of which are web only (and sold out), so my only choice is a $200.00 Samsung flip phone. Merde.

(For all those that say cancel AT&T and go with a PAYGO carrier, I can’t as I do a fair amount of traveling, and I need a phone that will work in Europe and Asia.)

So, for now I keep my iPhone, and my data plan and suck it up.

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