Now to not reduce your stress

This week there is a huge effort to define our company’s way forward, with several sessions that I will have to lead on product and market strategy for the bext 3 – 5 years.

I SHOULD have spent much of the weekend preparing, but alas, I goofed off. (well, not really.  I read, washed the dogs, house sat for the neighbors who are out of town, and did music maintenance on my Mac).  

Today and tomorrow are going to be long days, followed by late nights to make up in my preparations.

Rude dog owners

I live in a nice neighborhood, and I am tired of the inconsiderate owners of dogs who do not pick up their pet waste.

Today I was jogging up the main road in my area, and the number of piles of dog poop was ridiculous.  Please, people, Pick up after your pets.  It is not hard, and it is the law

First Post

Well, I sure hope nobody wastes their time reading this blog.  I intend to use it to be a business diary, since I can’t articulate why I am so busy, and how come what I do doesn’t translate to instant success.

You will be bored by the mundane.  You have been warned.