Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure

Last week, I was doing a little Amazon shopping, the main purchase was a TC Electronics Polytune 3 Mini pedal, and an $8 copy of Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure on Blu Ray fell into my cart.

I hadn’t watched this in a long time, but it was a movie that I enjoyed.

It arrived and I ripped it and copied it to my Plex server.

Some spoilers:

Bill (Alex Winters) and Ted “Theodore” Logan (Keanu Reeves) are about to flunk out of their high school history class, and that was going to lead to Ted’s being sent to a military school in Alaska, breaking up the duo.

Turns out that 600 years in the future, the band that Bill and Ted started – Wyld Stallyns – lead to perfect peace, amazing technological advancement, and a utopia.

But the pending failure in history, and Ted being shipped off to Alaska would derail this future.

Enter Rufus (George Carlin) who provides the pair with a magic phone booth, and instructions on how to experience all the principal events in history.

The duo head off and have a, well, excellent adventure, and nail their final project, get the A+, and the future is assured.

It is a fun coming-of-age tale, set in San Dimas California, and it is as enjoyable as it as when it came out.

But, I can’t help but wonder if the Gen Z crowd won’t get the premise. I mean, have they ever SEEN a phone booth?

Also, one of the princesses who are reunited as members of the band is Diane Franklin, another one of my favorites from Better Off Dead.

Worth the $8? Oh yeah. This needed to be in my collection.

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