Shaking off the Cobwebs

a fir tree covered with cobwebs

It has been a very long time since I have posted here. Tons of reasons, but in short, it is largely due to a diverting site that I had been using as an outlet. But in a drive to simplify my life, this holiday shutdown I have made the decision to pare that out of my life, and to refocus my energies here.

Glancing at what I was writing prior to my shift has brought a smile to my face. Plenty of posts on RC Cars, and my at the time passion for watching car repair videos (the pandemic has brought a lot of weird passions out in the open).

What has been happening in the last 19 months since I posted here?

  • I began regularly playing guitar, bought a new amp and a bunch of pedals, as well as a new guitar
  • My father passed away from complications due to Alzheimer’s disease (most lousy experience, not recommended)
  • I have left Twitter
  • I still mostly work from home – a trend that will continue it seems for the foreseeable future
  • I have moved my professional blog to Substack and it is (slowly) growing readership
  • I have gone through 2 bosses and am on a third – yay! I guess
  • Avoided the ‘rona, mainly byu masking in public and by being vaxed up the wazoo

and likely much more.

What does reviving this blog mean?

First, I will be posting regularly. Expect to see posts on guitars, guitar playing and other pursuits in the mix.

Second, I might look to make it more enticing. Maybe re-theming it. It is a WordPress blog, so there are lots of options.

Third, I plan to write about some of the high level goings on around the world of Tech. Musk buys Twitter, and Tesla shits the bed, you know, shit like that.

Fourth, I will probably use a lot of salty language. Sorry, it is who I am.

Hope you enjoy the ride!

Product Manager in Tech. Guitar player. Bicycle Rider. Dog rescuer. Techie.