Unpopular Views

Everybody has a few unpopular views and opinions. Here are some of mine:

Dr. Who: I totally get why it has a strong loyal following, and I ought to love the premise of a time traveling hero. But no matter how many times. I have tried to get into it, it is just ‘Meh’ to me.

Stranger Things: Like Dr. Who above, I ought to be a strong demographic, especially since it supposedly nails early 80’s childhood experiences. Yet it is just so flat and impossible to get into. I have tried. I forced myself to get through three and a half episodes before giving it up. Sorry, it just sucks.

Universal Healthcare: I believe we need to get there. However, as long as nearly 70% of the US population receive their healthcare via their employer, this has no chance of happening. Too much of the population is fat dumb and happy (even thought they shouldn’t be happy with their employer policies). Eliminate the tax break for employer paid insurance, and that 70% will fall to about 15% (the total of the unionized workforce). Then, and only then will there be enough public support for universal healthcare that the pols would have to act, regardless of their party affiliation.

Eliminate the Mortgage Interest Deduction: Yeah, I said it. virtually no other country so embeds home ownership in the tax code as the US. And this distorts to hell the real estate market. Even in “cheap” markets this is the case. The truth is that most of the middle class doesn’t really benefit from this as much as it appears, the bulk is tilted to the top 5% of the population, and the real estate industry. Eliminate it, and decrease the tax rates for a fairer distribution of wealth. But this won’t happen, as real estate’s lobbying power is almost as strong as the AARP and the NRA.

Caucus primary events: There is no less democratic exercise than the “caucus” for selecting a candidate in an election’s primaries. I recently explained this to a foreign colleague, and she was dumbstruck that we actually do things like that in the 21st century. Watching the video of the Iowa and Nevada events should confirm to even the most die hard fan of caucuses that the format needs to be retired.

There are plenty more, but this is a good starting list

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