Back on the road…

The RC Car saga continues…

Thursday afternoon, I received the steering posts I ordered, two days early! Woot! So, I found a little time to get the front end of my buggy back together. After installing the servo arm upside down (d’oh!) I got it sorted out, I got out yesterday afternoon for some driving on the street near my house.

If you remember, my first big run, I had de-bonded the tires in the front. That is where the cyanoacrylate glue that bonds the tire to the rim fails. I had reglued the tires, and on this run, I had pretty catastrophic debonding on the rear tires. After that I reduced my heavy throttle finger (booo) and continued driving.

Alas, I now have three tires to re-glue. Drag.

In the mean time, while I am satisfied with my decision to buy a decent RTR buggy (and don’t get me wrong, the Losi 8ight E v3.0 is amazing kit) I am beginning to jones for a proper basher. Eying the Arrma Outcast 6s 1/8 scale stunt truck. The shorter wheel base compared to the Arrma Kraton makes it more of a stunter than a truggy like the Kraton.

More trust money will be coming my way, and this is likely to be a splurge to add to my stable. I will also buy a better transmitter (eyeing the Spektrum DX5 Pro, and a couple of receivers to use for all the vehicles I will soon have.)

Additionally, I will continue to build out my tool bench. I have $50 of Lowes gift cards (thanks to work) that I will apply to a Dewalt power screw driver (the 20+ year old Dewalt power drill I have is showing its age, and battery packs are no longer available for it…) The downside of adding an Arrma to my collection: I will need to invest in quality metric tools too.

But, as a hobby, it is a ton of fun. I am enjoying driving, and wrenching.

And one day, I suspect I will add a Traxxas Xmaxx 8s to my stable. I have been watching way too much Kevin Talbot bashing videos.

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