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An embarrassingly long time ago, I had my first encounter with a Dyson Airblade hand dryer. I don’t remember when, or where, but I do recall it being the only touchless, air dryer that actually friggin’ worked to get my hands dry.

The amazing Dyson AirbladInsert your hands past your wrists, and slowly withdraw, and BAM, your hands were dry. As dry or even drier than using 3 paper towels. Awesome.

Fast forward to today, and obviously, the patent has expired, because at every public bathroom on my recent trip overseas was a similar hand dryer. I was thinking to myself how cool this was that it had become mainstream.

Then I used one. First in the public bathroom in the Frankfurt airport. Wash my hands, and insert them into the faux-Airblade, and …

wet hands.

shitty old blow dryerDafuq is this, it was a simple idea, perfected by Dyson, and absolutely amazing in its initial incarnation. But the “clone” was no better than the old blower. In fact it was worse as even after three cycles, my hands were still damp, and I had to rub them on my jeans to finish drying. The old style blowers would at least eventually get your hands dry, if you cared to spend 3+ minutes on the task (I am not that patient).

Sigh, Dyson once again blazes an amazing path, and as usual, once the imitators come, they make bold promises, but fail to deliver on that promise.

Lather, rinse, repeat.

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