The Temptation of the Reader

I was an early adopter of the e-reader technology. As a heavy business traveler, and an even heavier reader to fill the gaps of time on said business trips, I would often hit the used bookstore to pick up inexpensive tomes of SciFi to read and leave when I was on the road.

The first touchscreen reader, the Sony PRS 700
The first touchscreen reader, the Sony PRS 700

The E-Reader ended that wasteful practice. My first reader was a Sony PRS-700, the first reader with a touchscreen, and I never looked back. About the same time that I bought that, Amazon introduced their Kindle.

Fast forward past a stolen Sony, a replaced Sony, and finally caving in and buying a 2013 edition of the Kindle Paperwhite reader. I have switched my allegiance to Amazon (grudgingly, I will admit that they have created a far better experience and ecosystem than Sony or others could), and read it every day.

In the interim, Amazon has refreshed the Paperwhite, and launched their new flagship – the Kindle Voyage. Main upgrades are more DPI on the e-ink display (300dpi for better character rendering), slightly thinner (big whoop, as I have a case) and a tactile feedback for the page turning (a nice touch).

I have resisted upgrading, as the older Paperwhite has been pretty solid. Then Amazon does one of those pricing variances that are to entice you to pull the trigger. A $50 discount for Prime members.

Oh so tempting. I do love to read, and I do love my now 2.5 year old Paperwhite. Alas, I am going to muster my self control, and avoid pulling the trigger. As long as the Paperwhite continues to work, and the battery holds out, I will stick with it.

One day, the conditions will be right, but that day isn’t today. Still, the temptation is there.