Where did all those people come from?

This morning, I had a meeting with someone who was interested in collaborating on a project. We picked a small boutique coffee shop near my office (that I selfishly could walk to) and a time that seemed to be between the morning rush, and their noontime bump.

Fortunately, the person I was meeting got there plenty early to grab a table. Holy shit, that place was packed at 9:45. People talking, kibitzing, working on their novel, doing character development.

The flippin’ line at the counter was 10 deep when I got there, it took 5 minutes to order, and then it took 10 more minutes for them to make my Cafe Latte.

I mean, don’t these people have, uh jobs? Are that many people working off shift?

What a pain in the arse.

For the record though, Chromatic Coffee does make a fine cup, and is a bit more appealing than Starbucks.